Tree Services

The Green Team will dismantle the tree with efficiency avoiding damage to your garden and property, and causing as little inconvenience  possible.

Stump Removal:

The Green Team has a  stump grinding machines to remove stumps so the area can be reused. Our narrow access stumper fits through standard gate widths, so stumps in rear yards are no problem.

Stumps are ground out to approx 30cm under ground, which allows for replanting, landscaping or site reinstatement.

Tree removal, in some cases, may be the best method of isolating a tree infection, thereby arresting infection spread and potentially saving other trees.

We also provide Section Clearing and Weed Spraying as part of our many services that are available as well.


Tree debris is chipped or mulched; the resulting mulch can be left on site for later use or removed. Mulch is organic matter (chipped branches) which covers the soil.

The organic ground cover in a bush or forest setting (leaf and needle litter) decomposes, and naturally provides nutrients for trees and other plant life.

By placing a layer of mulch around your trees and shrubs, you reduce the chance of lawnmower and weed trimmer damage.

These benefits create a natural and healthy environment for your trees roots and help promote proper tree growth and survival