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After 25 years’ experience working in house washing, painting, and building repairs, there is not much that Wayne Crosswell, owner of The Green Team hasn’t seen before, and he has the knowhow to fix it and fix it properly.
Wayne and his team of qualified tradesmen can tackle the biggest and the smallest jobs, and they do so with a professional attitude and high skill levels to make a permanent repair or enhancement which will stand the test of time.
The Green team offer free quotes, free advice and a 24/7 response availability for urgent jobs… plus they are nice people to deal with, who listen to the customer, understand the problems, communicate and discuss the options with the customers and offer fixed price transparent invoicing, with no surprises.
For a chat with Wayne, call him today. He will respond promptly, and offer you a permanent solution or fix, at competitive rates.


In a market which is competitive and price conscious, it is easy to take the cheapest price or the quickest available supplier. The Green Team prides itself on being different from other businesses in property maintenance: -

  • We only employ fully qualified tradesmen, and we work as a team to bring everyone on board as and when required for an efficient delivery and outcome.
  • We always treat our customers with respect, ensuring that they understand what work will undertake, the process, and the likely timetable, and we always tidy up after the day’s work.
  • We provide free quotes and free advice, because we know that the property we are working on is probably the customer’s biggest single investment.
  • The business owner, Wayne Crosswell, personally scopes every job and ensures that there is a good level of communication with the customer as the job proceeds. He also makes the final inspection.
  • The Green Teem will work 24/7 if necessary, to help with urgent repairs or maintenance in the event of storm damage or danger to life or limb.
  • The Green Team provides a complete quote for each job. The business does not quote on an open ended hourly rate. The quote may include some contingency amounts for potential repair work which may be needed, but the quoted price is the final price charged.
  • All work completed by The Green Team is fully guaranteed.


All work carried out by The Green Team is fully guaranteed. Our tradesmen are experienced and knowledgeable, and we carry a $2million liability insurance. We want happy customers, so if any issues arise, we will put them right.
All work areas are governed by the Health and Safety regulations of New Zealand. We operate a genuine safe site policy, which means that all jobs are performed with the right equipment, in a safe manner for our team.

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